At O’Connor Solicitors, we have drawn up a charter of Best Practice standards to ensure both quality and consistency in the way our people treat each and every one of our clients. We promise that, in our dealings with you, we will deliver:

Reliability:Consistency of performance and dependability.
Competence: The required knowledge and skills to provide services.
Integrity:Trustworthiness and honesty, ensuring that your interests remain paramount at all times.
Responsiveness: Willingness and readiness to provide services.
Security: Ensuring that you feel comfortable, and free from financial risk or doubt and maintenance of Solicitor/Client confidentiality.
Access:Approachability and ease of contact.
Courtesy: Respect, consideration and friendliness.
Communication:Provision of information on progress, updates, and avoidance of legal jargon.
Understanding:Knowing your needs, learning your specific requirements, providing customised solutions.