Property Law Firm/Team/Lawyer of the Year Award 2023

We are delighted to have received the Dye & Durham Irish Law Awards – Property Law Firm/Team/Lawyer of the Year Award 2023 and wish to thank all of our clients in the property sector.  We  forward to acting for both our existing and new clients in many more transactions over the years.

Directors’ Duties in Ireland

The Irish Courts recently dealt with Directors’ duties, holding Non-Executive Directors personally liable in a case of corporate fraud even though they had been unaware of that fraud. In Powers v Greymountain Management Limited (in Liquidation), Coates, Grainger, Cartu and Cartu [2022] IEHC 599, Mr. Powers asked the Irish High Court to find Directors personally […]


O’ Connor Solicitors are looking for an enthusiastic solicitor to join our General Commercial and Property Departments. The successful candidate will have a proven track record in managing a large portfolio of client files that will include both conveyancing and general practise matters. The Role • Full time permanent Selection Criteria • Min. 6 months […]

John M. O’Connor R.I.P.

It is with much regret that we announce the death of our former managing partner and dear friend, John M. O’Connor, who died peacefully on 1st August 2020. John qualified as a solicitor in the early 1950’s and became a partner in the firm of J G O’Connor & Co, Solicitors, a practice commenced by […]

Q&A Guide to Employment and Employee Benefits in Ireland : 2020

We are delighted to continue our collaboration with Thomson Reuters and once again our Partners Peter Benson, John O’Connor and Ruth O’Connor authored the Guide to Employment & Employee Benefits in Ireland: 2020 now published by Thomson Reuters. Click here to view the Guide. For further information or clarification, please contact : Peter Benson Ruth […]


The COVID-19 Pandemic represents a significant challenge to individuals and businesses everywhere. O’Connor Solicitors is committed to continuing to provide services at this time. We are monitoring the situation created by the COVID-19 outbreak and we are following the advice of the National Public Health Emergency Team. We have taken a number of steps to […]

We’re growing!

As part of our ongoing investment in the business, we are delighted to announce that we are growing and strengthening our team through a merger with a long-established commercial and property practise in Dublin; Peter Morrissey & Company,

Sale of Commercial Property site in Dublin (excess €55m)

O’Connor Solicitors are delighted to be instructed by the Trustees of the Milltown Park Charitable Trust in the sale of this prime site of just over 10 acres in Ranelagh, Dublin 6. Mr Jack Devlin and Patrick Kirwan of GVA Donal O’Buachalla are agents for the sale.    

Irish Law Awards 2019

O’Connor Solicitors have been selected as finalists for the Irish Law Awards 2019 in two categories : Leinster Litigation Law Firm/Lawyer of the Year Leinster (including Dublin) Employment Law Firm/Team/Lawyer of the Year The award winners will be announced at a black tie event in the Clayton Hotel, Burlington Road, on the 14th of June […]

Standing on the shoulders of Giants in Croke Park

O’Connor Solicitors are delighted to sponsor the Naomh Mearnóg Under 8’s Boys Hurling and Football Teams for the 2019 season. The boys were invited to take part in the Go Games Mini Tournament in Croke Park on the 14th April – a fantastic experience for the lads, mentors and all associated with the teams and […]

Practical Law Global Guide 2019 : Employment and employee benefits in Ireland: Overview

Peter Benson, Ruth O’Connor, John O’Connor and Niall Enright, have authored the chapter on employment law in Thomson Reuter’s Practical Law Global Guide 2019 : “Employment and employee benefits in Ireland : Overview.”  This is a comprehensive article outlining the most up to date developments in Irish employment law which both employers and employees may […]


It is a principle of the law relating to the payment of rates that properties are rateable unless specifically exempted. Under the Valuation Act 2001 only certain limited exemptions were available to Charities and Charitable Organisations as reflected in several decisions of the Valuation Tribunal.  In particular, religious Charitable Organisations could only avail of an […]

Successful outcome to Consultants Contracts litigation

“Delighted to be part of what was a great contract case. Thanks to the IMO and the Doctors for their instructions and to our whole team including Counsel Michael Cush SC and Barra Faughnan BL, our witnesses, and to Johnson Hana and Reveal Data on the Discovery.” John O’Connor, Managing Partner The firm’s managing partner, […]

Thomson Reuters Practical Law Global Guide Irish Chapter – Employment and Employee Benefits in Ireland – Overview

An article by Peter Benson, John O’Connor, Ruth O’Connor and Antonia Melvin of O’Connor Solicitors

The Prohibition on a Company Financing the Purchase of its own Shares

The prohibition on a company offering financial assistance for the acquisition of its own shares represents one of the easiest ways in which a company can inadvertently breach the rules and regulations provided for in the Companies Act 2014. Careful consideration of this rule is required as a company acting in breach of the rule […]

Guide to GDPR

Guide to the GDPR – Outline of Stringent New Data Protection Obligations

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force across the EU on 25th May 2018. The Regulation dramatically increases the obligations and responsibilities of businesses and organisations which control or process data. As these new obligations and responsibilities are paired with severe new sanctions, businesses should take the time to ensure their compliance in advance of the Regulation coming into force.

Beneficial Ownership Register – A Guide for Companies

The EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive has created new rules that require companies to gather and store information about their beneficial owners. The regulations have introduced a two stage process: Companies are currently required (as of the 15th of November 2016) to maintain current accurate information on their beneficial owners on an internal register. The establishment […]

General Data Protection Regulation

Guide to the GDPR – Outline of Stringent New Data Protection Obligations The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force across the EU on 25th May 2018. The Regulation dramatically increases the obligations and responsibilities of businesses and organisations which control or process data. As these new obligations and responsibilities are paired with […]

High Court rejects appointment of Barrister as “Direct Access Counsel”

High Court rejects appointment of barrister as ‘Direct Access Counsel’ In a recent decision the High Court refused an application for the appointment of a barrister as a direct access counsel, (meaning a barrister acting without the instructions of a solicitor). In doing so Mr. Justice Gilligan addressed important issues about the interaction between professional […]

O’Connor Solicitors Ranked as Leading Firm in Chambers Europe 2019

O’Connor Solicitors has been ranked as a leading firm in Chambers Europe 2019 where the firm is recognised for its strength on a wide range of issues that include commercial litigation, commercial leases and property transactions, employment and trade union law, regulatory advice and hearing, mediation, insurance and commercial agreement, charity and trust law and […]

George O’Connor and Ruth O’Connor Ranked Lawyers in Chambers Europe 2017

We are delighted that both Ruth O’Connor and George O’Connor have been ranked by the prestigious Chambers Europe 2017 as leading practitioners in their particular fields. Ruth has been ranked her work in regulatory compliance and statutory frameworks in the medical arena, as well as handling contentious employment law matters. George has also been ranked […]

Charities Regulator launches new guide for Charity Trustees

The Charities Regulator has this month launched a very useful guide in relation to Charity Trustees which can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Act 2012

The National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Act 2012 came into force on 29th April 2016. All individuals and organisations working with children and vulnerable persons, or with regular access to or contact with them, should be aware of their obligations under this new legislation. Who is to be vetted Under the new legislation, […]

Regulation of Lobbying Act 2015

Operational Parts of Act as at 1st September Parts 1 (Prelim. & General), 2 (Registration), 3 (Code & Guidance) and 5 (Misc.) Effective from the 1st September 2015. Critically Part 4 (enforcement) is not yet in operation (likely to come into effect some time after first review of Act in 2016);…

Role and Duties of Executors

This is a general summary overview of your Role and Duties as an Executor in respect of the administration of the Estate which may be of assistance to you and answer some questions you may have regarding your role. Your function as an Executor (also called a Legal Personal Representative) is to extract a Grant […]

Guide to Charity Law in Ireland

Thompson Reuters publishes Guide to Charity Law in Ireland prepared by John C. O’Connor and Helen McGrath, O’Connor Solicitors.  

Guide To Charity Law in Ireland

Thompson Reuters publish Guide to Charity Law in Ireland prepared by John C. O’Connor and Helen McGrath, O’Connor Solicitors  

Part 4 of the Charities Act 2009 coming into operation

On the 5th of September 2016, Part 4 of the Charities Act 2009 will come into operation.  Part 4 of the Act provides for the protection of charitable operations, the investigation of Charities’ affairs, and the appointment of Inspectors.  

Data Privacy at work

Data privacy at work. As with all rights, they bring responsibilities; they are not unqualified. The right  to privacy  is frequently  balanced  with the exigencies  of the common good; it is fair to say that the Courts have typically left both privacy and the exigencies  of the  common  good  without  rigid   parameters. We  must  default  […]

Charities and Non-Profits : Launch of was launched on the 18th May, 2016. This is a new online database of 18,600 Irish Non-Profits. Benefacts will provide searchable access to regulatory, financial and governance data about the non-profit sector which employs almost 108,000 and turns over more than €7bn in annual revenues. The Benefacts database includes all registered charities and thousands […]

Company Directors: what are your responsibilities?

As a society, we need to have confidence in the companies that we do business with.  We want to know that they will be run in a responsible way by their directors and officers. The Companies Act 2014 (“the Act”), for the first time codifies, the duties and obligations of company directors and officers.  Part […]

Re-branding, change and Employment law

REBRANDING, CHANGE AND EMPLOYMENT LAW  When a company is contemplating a change of brand, a vital part of the change management process is engagement with employees. A change in brand, focus and company culture affects employees. They are the people who will be tasked with managing and supporting the changes that a rebranding will bring. […]


The firm has been advising Charities and Charitable Trustees for many years on various aspects of Charity Law, including :- Obtaining CHY Number from Revenue Drafting Deeds of Trust and Deeds of Appointment of New Trustees Applications to the CRA under the Charities Acts Property matters Governance O’Connor Solicitors hosted the Charities Conference 2014 where […]

Charities Act 2009

CHARITIES ACT 2009 Duties and Liability of Charitable Trustees The Charities Act 2009 (“the Act”) was, according to its Explanatory Memorandum, introduced to “ensure greater accountability and to protect against abuse of charitable status and greed”. One of the means by which the Act achieves this objective is through the introduction of a number of […]

Wills and administration of estates

The much anticipated changes to the Capital Acquisitions Tax (Gift and Inheritance) regime proved somewhat disappointing in the Budget some months ago which only saw a 24% increase in the tax free threshold for assets transferring from a parent to a child, increasing the threshold from €225,000 to €280,000. The Budget brought about no changes or reductions to the current rate of tax (33%) or to increasing the tax free allowances for beneficiaries of estates, or recipients of gifts, other than children.

Companies Act 2014

On the 23rd of December 2014 the President signed the Companies Act 2014 into law. The bulk of the new Act commenced in the summer of 2015 and now replaces the Companies Act 1963-2013. The Act is the largest single piece of legislation in the history of the State with over 1400 sections and runs to over 1100 pages. Notwithstanding this, the purpose of the Act is to simplify the law for private limited companies with shares, and to simplify a number of procedures and to up-date and codify matters such as directors’ duties.